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Hi blackies and welcome to a new blog post.

Yeah, Miss BIB Catie is still alive, but I was terribly busy in the last couple of weeks, so many things changed and I am also currently in Iceland. But today I will tell you about what happened and why I was absent all the time.

I am not sure where to start, maybe I should start to talk about work today. So the biggest news is that Nici left the company and the mag's office. We got an offer from Ultra, which was inaugurated and produced in 1999 by business partners Russell Faibisch and Alex Omes. Since we are always doing our own portfolio for Ultra every year and we also travel to Ultra itself and publish the art of photography after the event every year, we were happy about them contacting us. 

So one of the partners and sales associates contacted us during the summer season and talked to us about a take over. Since I am holding 50% of the business and Nici the left over, we said we will think about it. One thing was clear from the beginning on. There will be not buy-out. So we thought about the best solution because to have such an offer is a real chance for us and to find such a kind of investor is great. So what do you do when you have the choice to say hello to an investor, but you still want to keep your holdings, instead of having a holder with the power to do daily business decisions.

In the semi-annual meeting in August we talked to the investor again. We made a deal which resulted in the following: Nici sold her 40% of the holdings, I got 65% from this day on and Ultra holds the 25%. Nici still has 10% as an honored shareholder with no voting rights decision power.

I am sad that she left us and this made me deciding to go to Iceland, to take some time off. I also had to and still have to figure out how to go on now with work and with the blog. I am not alone anymore, not with her anymore and I have a powerful investor in my back which also need to be updated about every single steps. Of course I am the major shareholder, I am the person to make daily decisions. I will continue the blog and the mag. These two things are on a level of high value for me and for Nici. We will go on with all what we did before in co-operation with UMF. I will be happy about these work. I am confident about it. That was also the reason to say yes to the deal.

And now I am in Iceland, building up a plan for the future and thinking about me and my personnel goals. I love the silence and I think there is no better place to find my professional self again.

I am also very happy about the relaunch of the website. I like the new design, it is simple and white. I love white and the website is loading very fast, also on the phone. I focused on the SEO and responsive elements. It is important today to do so, so whenever you want to start a blog, don't forget about it.

There is a contact formula right now on the right, so if you want to leave us a message feel free to do it every time. The new header is also the result of what happened in the past few weeks as said above, so I am alone now with the blog and all the details and happenings. But again I am fine with that, really.

So let's go into the new future of BIB and let's see what will happen. I am ready, I will be ready when I go back to NY.

This is Iceland still on, and I will leave a massive ice land photo to finish this post.

Be safe, be classy, be an artist. Catie.

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