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#QA - Questions and answers (round one for this week)

Hello blackies,

I was just watching some videos on YouTube and there were a couple of Q&A videos on so I thought I am gonna go threw all the emails which I still haven't read yet and I will do a Q&A on my side right now, so let's do a Sunday Talking on a Tuesday. Is that weird? I don't think so. So let's get started.

Q: Hi Caty, I really love your blog and especially the leather leggings pics on Instagram and Twitter. Is Caty actually your real name or is it just a nickname?

A: That is actually a really good question. Well first of all thanks so much for the comment about my pics, really appreciated. My real name is a secret, but for the real fans and lovers I will just say my first, because all the world knows me as Caty Wayne, which is fine for me. Caty is just a nickname if you will replace Caty with Roksana, than you have my real full name: Roksana Wayne.

Q: Hi Cat, thanks for the awesome pictures. What is actually your dream job?

A: My dream is the one I am doing right now and I am really happy and thankful that Nici called me once in while and she said that she had have this vision of working together with me and a model and photographer. And so here I am doing what I am best in doing.

Q: Where did you and Nici meet and how come you are doing a serious business together?

A: Thanks for raising this question. We met a shooting of myself. So I was just doing that shooting and she was there because of promotional stuff and I was looking at her a couple of times. She approached me and she said that I am acting really good in front of the camera. And I said thanks so much. She was also asking me if I have an experience behind the cam and I just said yes I do, because I love the art of photography and that why I jumped from the back to front and likewise, depending on the time manner and issue. This how we started to talk and than she said if I want to do some promotional stuff for BIB, and I did, and this is how it all started. Than she sadly became, and I really happy that she is doing great and will come back to the blog soon, and we have huge plans for the end of 2017 together. But I am not going into details yet. Just stay around, follow us on the social media, we are very very active at Twitter and Instagram and you won't miss anything anymore. This was a very long answer but with good news and purpose.

Q from (THE SUN): Hello Caty, thanks for the recent interview and thanks so much for being open-minded and reaching out to contact us again for the interview. We like the new design behind the posts a lot and there was one thing missing during the interview. Maybe we can catch on that through email right now. So please give us a short brief about the concept behind the headings.

A: The time has come just a couple of weeks ago that Nici and I decided to make BIB more colorful, the world of presentation on the blog and online is really colorful and on my side I thought about splashes. We found quickly the agreement to try something new leading into a header concept that none of the other blogs have. So it turned out to be something like this. (See the intro pic of the post above). We like to do things which are out of mainstream and I think that BIB found a really good way of realization though.

All right blackies, these have been just a bench of questions which I have not answered yet. If time allows I will do another round probably on Thursday or Friday if I am too much busy.
About the header of the blog and the reason why we changed from numbers into the # style will be answered soon in a special post. Just wait for it. Have a great day guys, and see you soon.

Be safe, be classy, be an artist.
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