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#OurNewOffice - #RoomTour

Hello blackies and welcome to that very special post today on the blog of your favorite photography blog BIB.

To be honest, I was very absent during the past two month, and this has two reasons at all. First of all I moved into a new house outside of New York near Flashing Meadows, and it was a long time that I was searching for that house. I will introduce that house to you very soon, but right now there is still a lot chaos in there and a lot of things still need to be fixed, before I can get out my cam and shoot it.

The second reason is that BIB got a

YEAH and this why I am blogging today because I want to do a room tour with you and show you, where the team and me will be working from tomorrow on.

The new address is in the middle of Manhattan down town, near the central park.

We have an exclusive elevator (see right site) and the lobby has two new seats made of leather and a wonderful old school design and lamp.

In general the whole look of the office is in that color, you'll see later on.

APESTER is highlighted, what is Apester you might ask now?
If so simply follow me on Instagram, because it is a secret for now, but very soon I will announce what it is about only on my Instagram channel.

Lets go to the right where we will enter the new main hall of the office.

That is the office. I mean WOW really that is ours now? YES :) it is. We have sunlight in the middle of the office, that was it what was really important for me, because I love sunlight and I need it, because it makes me feel warm and happy.

On the left side in the first pic we have our little coffee and relax area (second pic on the right side) and on the right side there is our conference room (left side second picture). I will show you the conference room.

It looks like a children room with colored chairs and walls. I wanted to have this because I love a colorful conference room, which is not held in this typical office style with black and white interior. This one is floor short meetings, talking and having fun with the most amazing team ever.

But of course we also have a huge conference room.

Video telephone calls can be done here and here we will do the most important decisions of the next releases of the MAG.

A room plan is a must as well for security guidelines.

That is the floor downstairs, but now let's get up and see where the team will be working.

In the second pic you can the work stations.

But now let's come to my highlight of the new office. Nici's and my new private room.

The room for the Queens of Black Is Black. It looks like a palace, I love it so much and it is absolutely incredible. We have a purple carpet, my favorite, a desk for ourselves, a sofa for the guests and team, where they can sit and talk to us, painting made by myself, and of course windows for the sunlight.

It is incredible, and I am sure here we will have a lot of fun and here we will be super creative and do new bigger and better BIB in the future, still of course all of us in leather leggings and leather pants.

It is so awesome and we invested a lot, so we need to work hard not to close this super stylish and super cool office soon, just kidding. It is my home already, my castle, my perfect working place.

And this is it, the new office. Hope you liked the very special post and room tour, and I wish you a wonderful day, and don't forget always to go for your dreams and they will come true like ours about the new office.

Be safe, be classy, be an artist.

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