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Hey blackies,

today it will be very emotional and very intense because I got some question in about love, friendship, and the story behind our (Nici's and mine) bonding together.

So here it is, the second part of

this time on a Thursday.

If you missed out the first part just click here.

Also first of all I just saw that the post about the tour in Amsterdam was the most beloved post for this year!
INCREDIBLE! You loved it a lot and it makes so proud that one of the most recent posts shooted up into the top 5 of all time posts.

If you missed the Amsterdam post just click here.

I did not expect that it will be so successful and it is amazing to see this.

Thank you so much for this gift to us.

So let's go with the Q&A session.

Q: Are you currently in a relationship and what does love mean to you?

A: First of all I have to say that every month I have an emotional period which is like for 5 or 6 days, I think every girl has this, right? Mine is always around the 15th of a month, so I am just starting to be emotional again, and this is also the reason why there are a lot of # in the header which are about love and friendship. To answer the question above is not as easy as I thought since I always wanted to do business, and for me business is business, nothing else, and my private life should still be private. But again I am emotional so maybe it is the right time to talk about love.
Yes I am in a relationship right now, and it is not a secret anymore I guess that this person is a girl. We met two years ago, I still was at the University and she was the one who did our exercise sessions for the MBA. During those sessions we did not talk a lot and I was in another relationship during this time. But when I saw her I had a feeling. Do you know this feeling when you meet someone and you know that your current partner is not the right one? I had this feeling with her.
One year later we met again. In our office we do classes as well, either trainings or soft-skill developments. She was the trainer in one of those classes. I saw her and I immediately approached her. She changed so much guys, you have no idea. During the time at the University she was just a simple person, no make up and no knowledge how to dress. But when I saw her again one year later, she was hot. Literally hot. She had beautiful dark hair, red lipstick, a black dress and she was incredibly sexy. So I talked to her. The training in our office was about to finish and I always help the guys who did the training to clean up the meeting room. Ha ha it was still in the old office, omg! So I went to her into the room to help her. While cleaning up the flip chart I grabbed her hand and I kissed her.
The rest will still be a secret.
However, since this day, since May 25, 2016 we are together. She is still giving some training session here at BIB and it is still incredible that nothing changed since this moment between us.
She is my sunshine, my love, and my everything. I mean it. And yes she loves leather leggings as much as I do, just as a side note.

Wow, long story but it was a lot to tell you, sorry for the long reply.

Next Q is about the meaning of friendship and how I would describe the relationship between Nici and me?

A: Friendship is something really important to me. I am having barely contact with my parents so the people I am dealing with every day have a special meaning to me.
The friendship between Nici and me is something special. We bond together no matter what. I mean I gave you a little inside only in the first part (link above) but there is many more to tell you. Nici means a lot to me. For example I had a really tough time during the summer, I was barely active online and our business had to go through some things. She was always saying we can do it, we have great ideas for the second half of 2017 and above, during the talk about the Amsterdam post you can see just a very small scope of what I am talking about. Nici always said we can do it, together we can do it all, together we are a dream team. I was down guys, I did not want to continue and I was about to sell my shareholdings during the shareholder meeting in Paris last month. Nici said don't do it. I have a vision to continue the business with you Cat, she wanted to continue, either with me or without me. We had to go threw so many things and right now I am very happy to have her by my side. She was right with her words and believes. This woman is my rock at BIB. This woman is more than a managing partner and shareholder, she is the girl I bond with.

Q: What kind of music do you like?

A: He he finally a Q which is not going so deep into my soul, just kidding cause I like those Q. I love techno, and electro. For example every time I am writting a post here on BIB, there is always a little bit of minimal techno in the background. I like it, it helps me to be productive. If you go down two blocks down the street there is also a nice little bar, playing some techno and it is perfect to go there after work. That is nice, but I also like love songs and rock.

Q: What is your favorite city?
OMG this is hard, well not really. It is Miami for sure where I am going once or if time allows twice a year, for example I will go there by the end of October again.
Than I like Paris a lot, and London is also a great city.

I think this was one of the longest posts I ever did. And it was also a lot to read for you, but this why we have a blog, right? It is because you can write about stuff and things you like, and obviously you guys like it.

Thanks again for all the support and love.
I wish you wonderfull nice day, enjoy the time and do whatever you feel like to do.

Thanks for reading and this was Catie, signing out for today. See you soon again.

Be safe, be classy, be an artist.
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