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Hello and welcome to a new blog post.
I know it has been awhile already since I was blogging but I was travelling around the world. I went to the Maldives Island e.g. and I was just relaxing, but I also had some personnel shootings. 

I was happy to go there, but this time I was alone. The time to create the summer portfolio for the MAG in September was really important for me this time, I wanted to focus on the photos as much as possible and I wanted to give them my own touch. Why it was also important for me and why I took some time off also and the reason of being passive in the past few weeks, also on the social media channel will be answered at the weekend. Just stay tuned, but be sure I will explain.

So for today's post I will show you the pics from the Maldives Islands. It was great, awesome beaches, sunset which made me speechless and super nice staff and people in the resort where I stayed. I stayed at the Kanuhura Resort and yes I know some of you will say again: Miss Super Rich again, she has money, that is what counts for her. Yeah I know those comments, and I will talk about them at the weekend.

Here we go with the photos and enjoy them a lot. These shoots were made with passion and love.

Be safe, be classy, be an artist.

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