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#92th - MIAMI

Hi blackies and welcome to a new blog post on yours truly black is black the blog.

Last week I was absent and this is because of a good reason because I had a lot of things to do in Miami. We will launch something very cool very soon, its a collaboration and we get in touch in something like dress and leather, but further details I will reveal very soon, but be sure it's going to be rocking.

Another reason why I went to Miami is that I had the opportunity to take my camera and have a helicopter flight through the city. I created a portfolio which I will use for the next edition of the Mag in June, and here some very exclusive previews of the picture set, made at daylight, the other half will still be a secret until the Mag is out.

So enjoy the preview and the veal shoots and have a nice day, see you very soon, I promise that the next post won't take long.

Be safe, be classy, be an artist.

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