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#90th - Hawaii Roundtip

Dear blackies,

on Instagram I told you already that I was travelling around the world again and this time it took me to Hawaii. I guess not a lot of people are going there for photography, but me I did.
I went to Honolulu, Waikiki, and Kauai Island. I focused on a nice type of photography which is called simply tops. Tops means that you are climbing up a mountain, or a building and you try to do some shhoots in a vertical perspective. It is not really a successful project for me because the pictures are like in a 270 degree angel but I still like them and I had a lot of fun there. 
I was also shooting my house at Waikiki Beach where I stayed which is my favorite.
But this is not the only reason why I went there. I went there also, because I had a shooting, too. It was a beach area near the pool of my house, we had a bench there, white sand, and sun all day long. These exclusive pictures I'd like and love to share tomorrow. So stay tuned.
So here we go with the review set of Hawaii 2017 which made some great unforgettable moments and for sure a true highlight for me in 2017. If I look at them, then I remember why I love photography and why I put so much effort in there and all my heart and passion.

Be safe, be classy, be an artist.

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