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#89th - Hamburg

My dear blackies,

last year we started a series called city view / all around the world. I'd like to continue the series and move on to more and more awesome places, take some pictures, and share them.
This year we went to Paris to have our launch and presentation party of the new website. We also went to Hamburg, Germany. The city is one of the biggest in Germany, and one of the most beautiful one. I was amazed by the harbour, by the landscape, and by the super nice people there.
We just went there for one day only, to see the usual highlights of the town: the coffee harbour area, the new harbour down, and Hamburger Rottenbaum (counsellor resident and Parliament), the promenade at the river Alster, and the church called Dom.

Enjoy the photography from Hamburg, Germany.
I am sitting again at the airport, but this time in Hawaii, on my way back to New York. The post will be done at home or directly from the office. The review of my trip to Hawaii will follow up next and also the Galaxy guest (finally) post by Maya Pirelli.

Be safe, be classy, be an artist.

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