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Hello blackies and welcome to a new blog post. This week will be about abstrat art and the guest post by Maya Pirelli about the best art of the universe, literally speaking.

Today is Valentine's Day and I am on my way to an Hawaii, just to take a little break for the day of love, so I will be out of town until Sunday. I can't wait to put my feet again into the ocean. A real heart of the pulse of the world and love, the ocean which is endless and so pure and deep. I am in love with the ocean and islands because they always remind me on how it feels to be free. I love to be free, I love to be independent, and I love my job.

This is why because I like to create some abstrat art on my laptop and in the studio using Photoshop and Istudio. The results are always awesome to see and you know what is more important? It is work, made by yourself.

Happy Valentine's Day - spreading the love of abstrat art and photography.

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