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On the right side, the menu became a little smaller, we changed the DPI to 250px and let's have a further look to that side menu.
As you can see the first menu is about us and the blog, the focus and address where you can find our location, but this is not all:

This is a very small summary of the menu but you go to you can see it bigger and better.
So we also included information about the people who stand for BIB, surely you who this is. :)
We also have a new field to folllow us by email, so this creates a kind of reader list in your inbox.
The archive should not be missed, and also not the most used labels. This is why we do not offer any search function anymore. You can browse easily through the labels we use in each post.
Last but not the least our social media channels where to follow us around the world and our side project trancetoheaven with more than 15k tweets and interaction already, makes me speechless. So thank you for this support as well.

Lets go back to the sneak previews of the post. You will always find the latest 5 posts at the home page. The reason therefore is the proper design with the side menu, so they have the same length now. It is just a litte detail but for me something which was annoying the layout before.

The biggest updates happened at the footer section. Before we had extra post about my Instagram diary, this is something what we will stop. But of course all the Instagram pictures should be visible at the website. So how will we do that? Here is the answer:

This is the new footer which includes all my Instagram pictures and only the copyright disclaimer. The menu from before went up to the new right side menu.

In the post #84 I said that there are also changes about the posts itself. So when you click on the title of a post you like and you want to read, you will be directed a new page and this is how it looks:

So we have the full blog post now at the screen, the header of the blog is still on top (not visible here) and the right side menu is still where it belongs.

I also added a new signature - CREATED BY CATIE - It fits better to our concept of BIB, especially when I refer to the credits of the MAG which are also in the same design and logo now, so I am refering to the connection of the blog and the mag which is visible now also.

That is all about the new changes on the blog, and there are a lot. I hope you like the new design, let me know in the comments section below or drop me an email or tweet or tag me on Twitter on Instagram.

Our flight is about to leave soon, happpy Sunday, and don't forget:

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