Below the header we made possibly the biggest changes. In almost each blog you will expect right now the history of posts including their details. We do not offer this. We thought about something oustanding which is very exclusive and very awesome what you can on BIB only. Here it is:

We decided to go for a sneak preview design of the posts with some information only: the title of the post, a background picture which shows one picture which is included in this particular post, so that you have an idea of you can expect, the author (because of copyright and guest poster we will have in the future, not saying more details about this for now), and also what was mssing in the previews design of the blog but none the less very important: the date of the post. The read more but is also now included in this sneak preview and it is called continue reading from now.
I am very excited about this layout and when I saw the ideas and first creations by LucasLogo I was like wow, I want this features for my blog. And the results are incredible. If you make a decision to tell the readers only the title of the post it might be boring for them. It is the same like you are reading a movie. Either it catched you or not, but I think with those litte details by showing also a picture which might be the same as with movies, they get caught by the details and click on that post. Surely you are reading all the posts we do (joke, hehehehehe)


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