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#83th - Back to business

It's been a couple of weeks that I was posting something and I just wanted to say sorry that I kept you waiting.
I had an amazing holidays and I went to a lot of islands, posted a couple of pictures already and you can watch them on our new Instagram channel

So why did I take this long break and time off? I still had left posts from last years and it's better to go on a trip at the beginning of the year.

We are also currently working on some updates for the blog. So there will be some new fresh designs available soon, new photo galleries, and new posts. Be patient, you'll see them very soon.

It's Sunday night and I'm not in the  mood to go out. So I just took my phone and wanted to write down a couple things which are in my mind. I was also checking the emails and I thought why not answering some questions.

Yes I want to have a dog. It's actually nice I guess to have a dog for the office and for private life. They are so cute and I just want to bug them. My favorite one is a smaller one once. He should be fluffy.

My favorite drink is Sprite. It makes me feel alive and gives me a lot of energy.
My favorite food is Ramen, and fries.
My favorite movie is The Green Mile.
My favorite sports is Tennis and Basketball. I guess when it comes up to this I am like a lot of Americans.
My favorite dress color is black.
My favorite makeup artist is MAC.
My favorite place where I went to already is Greece and Cyprus.
And list but not the least my favorite phone supplier is still Samsung.

The are my favorites since a couple of years already. Hehe just randomly taking before next week the new design will be launched and a new photos series will start. Just stay tuned. I know it's been a lot of time since the last update.

Be safe, be classy, be an artist.

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