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#80th - Sunday Talking & Happy First Advent

You know it's really funny because I always have to wait until the midnight so until 11 a.m. GMT because otherwise I cannot call this header title Sunday talking.

Hello and welcome to a new blog post on your favorites blog which is still black is black and I'm still Catie.

So today is Sunday and I just wanted to write a bit about the league and what I experience during the week.

First of all I wanted to say thank you very much for all your comments and for all the mess of feedback on my latest Instagram posts. I really appreciate your effort writing a call and that I really like to answer on them and to chat with you makes, a lot of fun and let's keep on doing this.

Yes it's true because I guess there are a lot of people are very curious about the dress code in our office, which is still, that the girls have to wear leather leggings or leather pants. When I started to work for Black Is Black I was also very curious about it and I asked Nici why this? She said that's something very special for her and you can read it about when the 23rd blog post for example why it is very special. Scroll down a bit and you will find this post in the right menu, it's the most favorite of all on this blog. She said I'm very addicted and I'm very deeply in love with leather leggings and leather pants and since I started my own business and since I want to be a person who will represent something very special and made the setup. I thought I did something really wrong, but I thought I saw well this girl has a true idea about our business and what you want and she still sticks to that what she wants and she always was a kind of person who ever tried to make the dream come true. By the way let me just quickly give you an update on her status she's doing well and we're working a lot in the background just to finish the Christmas edition of our magazine.

Next topic on my bucket list I wanted to talk about is that I have an idea of what I want to do to prepare myself for Christmas and to share the love of this special time on my Instagram. So here's the idea I wanted to do Christmas calendar. I mean I am going to post the 24 most awesome pictures we have for our magazine. I want to share the love for photography and bring it to the next level. Every day a post on

Very nice idea I think and I hope you guys will love it.
On Wednesday I went to my own shooting and the theme was also all about Christmas and you can expect this special shooting in a new blog post soon.

I really hope that you like the new ideas I just share with you guys and I hope you have a nice Sunday enjoy the time that's the first Advent.

Talk to you soon on Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest. If you're still not a follower just scroll up to the top again and click on the social media button you prefer, become a follower and we talk more often. Cheers.

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