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#76th - Mercedes + Q&A

At the weekend I went to the showroom of Mercedes Benz in Miami and I was liek wow what a cool location and I immediately thought that I have to take some pictures of the cars, especially of that car which is my absolutely favorite. So my favorite is the one from class S from 2012, the silver and slim one which you can see in the first pictures. I like it a look because you can turn it into a cabriole, it looks so sporty and fits perfectly to a business woman. It is not too big and easy to handle. I love it.
 These pictures are shown in today's blog post and I am going to answer some questions which came in via email, Twitter and Instagram. If you have also some questions, don't be shy and ask me anything. 


Q: from MariaOsava on Instagram: Hey girl, you are looking very smart, sexy, and attractive and I was wondering how to came that you created a business which is so hard to deal with, I mean what keeps you forcing and focusing on photography?

A: First of all thank you very much for the nice compliment. I got inspired by Nici. She had a dream that she wanted to make come true and she always said I have a vision and life is about to have dream but most of all to make visions to come true and so I decided since I am a model to talk to her more often because she was the one who showed me that there is more about photography than just being or acting in front of the camera. 

Q: from Mike via email: Catie, you are the new girl on the blog, can you please tell us a bit more about yourself?

A: Yes I can, or if you like to please head over to this blog post right here.

Q: from Ana also via email: Catie what is your favorite music?

A: Wow that is not so easy to answer. Hm, I would say I like charts in general. Well at work there is always running a random chart mix. If I go to clubs I like house and deep techno a lot, it is the time that I can let myself go. I am not a real fan of rock and metal, neither black or r'n'b.

Q: from MarcoV on Twitter: What is your favorite color?

A: Again not easy to answer. I like red a lot, but also orange which should be a nice one, like when the sun goes down. Black of course is also my favorite.

That would be all for today. Just a little short pre information, next upcoming on the blog there will be my favorite for the Christmas time, and also photography of the food and a DIY.

Be safe, be classy, be an artist.

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