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Hello and welcome to the very last blog post by Nici on Black Is Black.

My dear little cute kitties. I have to tell you something. Some of you noticed that I was absent for a long time. Of course I was working a lot but this is not the only reason.

When I went to Asia to do the campaign with Black Canyon I got infected with a serious virus. I was dealing with that over the past 6 weeks already. I was really weak and also spit out blood and other stuff. I went to the hospital when I came back. I guess I told you about it on my Instagram channel, well at least I mentioned that I went to the hospital. They did a lot of tests with me when I was there, so to say a check up from head to toe. On Wednesday I got the results. They are not good. It is a diagnose which changed my life and I guess I will never ever be the same again. I was thinking about not to talk about it but since I want to be honest with you I made a decision to talk about it. So the result are that I have breast cancer. I felt that kind of itchy and painful area in my breast for a long time already, it started far before I went to Asia. But since I went there it became more worth. So how to deal with that kind of news? How to go on when you think about it, that you might die because of cancer. I was shocked and I could not sleep at all since Wednesday. The doctos gave me a prognose of how many percentage this kind of breast cancer can be healed. It is not a lot but all what I can tell you that I will try to do my best to recover from that serrious sickness.  For me personally I am not ready yet to die and even close to the point to give up. All my friends, supporter, and family members are supporting me in those kind of dark hours. I will fight. I promise. I will fight to recover for 100%. I am a fighter sincer I was a child and so this time I will do the same.

Let me be strong enough to fight against this cancer and I am very optimistic that I will win. I won't give up in any second. I won't give up now, not even in a week, in a month, or whenever. I know that the therapy will be a hard time but I can do it. I know that I will experience a lot of pain, which I never felt before. But I can do it, and I will. So medication started already since I went to the hospital and I guess it was a choice to do so because if we've started right now the healing process would start later and so. Sorry I am just randomly talking now but I feel like I have to do so, hope you understand.

So what does it mean for my blog, campaigns, and for the Magazine? My team and I made a decision and I am very happy that we found a solution within two days only.

First of all the bllog is not going to die. At the end of the post I will tell you more details about it.
The campaings, shootings, and management of BIB will be taken over by best friend and by that girl who was with me since we started to work on the idea of BIB She is a talent when it comes p to management decisions, she has a lot of experience in that business already, especially in the adult industry business, so she also knows how to deal with the press and commercials. I could have made a better choice to have her as my follow up person for the blog and for the campaings and ideas concerning BIB.

Maybe some of you know her already because she is also a very known person: it is Catie Wayne. She will do her first own created post at the weekend, well at least she said she will do so, and she promised me to do so, so that you have an idea of whom I am talking about.

For the blog there won't be a lot of chances, technically the only thing is that there is a new post creator and author. That would be all. So I guess we still will go on woth our online promotions as they are right now, meaning the most important projects in cooperation with Wordporn and FSOE. Also Intensivstation will go as I know so far, because Lexi aka Trance To Heaven will go back to Radio SSL /GER/. But we will see if we are approachable to post the sets, because I am a big trance lover, and I know you like the sets also, I can see that when I look at the viewed posts.

For my social media channels Twitter and Instagram (links at the end of the post) there won't be any changes, too. Catie and me are not intending to change the style of the published posts and tweets. So here it will also be the same.

For inqueries is still the same email address as well.

So you see you will not notice the changes, because for the online presents there are not of lot of changes, just the person behind the scene will change. Catie is a great and intusiatic person, she is very openminded, has a big heart for everyone and she is so positive. Whenever I need her she is there, over the past few years she became a sort of soul twin sister to me and I am sure that she will bring a new fresh wind on the blog, since I know her, and I like her way of thinking and being creative.
So give her a heart whelming welcome tomorrow when she will talk to you. In not yet known periods of time I do some updates on the blog so that you know what is going on and what is happening. I am very positive about all the things which happened since Wedneday when it comes up to BIB.

The annual review will be done by myself, since Catie's experience here is a bit too young. What an annually review is will be more clear in December, so stay tuned. Until that time I am sure we will reach 100 posts because Catie has a lot great ideas. You see, I am talking by using nothing else than positive words about my Catie. She will introduce herself tomorrow.

The only thing I want to focus on is my magazine because this mean too much for me. I am not saying that I would not trust anybody elsse to handle it, but you know it is like you are giving yor own baby to a new family. For me I cannot do that. I am sure that I will still be strong enough to handle that and team believes in me also, so i want to try it. So there will not be any changing things, too.

But of course for me it means to doa  therapy and to fight. Fight a lot until you are a fighter and winner.
Since I am going to observe and co-host just a few posts I am willing to say good bye to you my cute little kitties, but I will miss you, I will miss my blog, and I will miss sharing the love and passion for photography.

Thanks for a great time being with me on the blog and thanks for be a reader and follower. Always appreciated. Thanks so much for all the love and comments especially on insta, where we have spend most of time together. Still going on but I just want to say 


So I will end my last post by saying respect ot all of you who read all the lines, love and like Catie's style in posting things on BIB, and do not forget.


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