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Hi and welcome to a new blog post my cute little kittes,

as I said last week I am finally back from my trip to Hong Kong and I wanted to share a very special shooting I was able to do during my stay in Hong Kong.

I had the opportunity to book a private helicopter and fly around the skyline and take lots of pictures.
The best of the best of this catalogue I will publish right now. Read some more comments at the end of the post which you should not miss. It is something personnel.

So here we go with the best of from the shooting helicopter shoot of Hong Kong at night.


So what you can see is the Victoria Peak (2nd picture), the sunset, the streets at night, and the famous Harbour Bridge connection the Bamboo Garden and Downtown.

I wanted to say something in person. Last week I told you that I actually wanted to do a week full of posts, shoots, and more.
I apologize that I did not do so.

I came back at the office on Monday, had to read a lot of news and mails from people for example who want to have an interview and more inside scopes of the business. 
We got also new hires and I decided to train them, so I am very busy during weekdays, and I hope you sweet kitties understand this matter and respect those circumstances.

I love the love which you share all over social media, I can see that and I am reading all along through your comments and lovely posts and reposts. I highly appreciate that.

Thank you for being so loyal. But most of all I wish you a wonderful Sunday.

Be safe, be classy, be an artist.


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