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Hello and welcome to a new blog post my cute little kitties and happy Sunday Funday.

Today I wanted to talk about some news.
Every Sunday it seems like that there is a news day from now because I did also in the past and talked about happening in my life and about business.

I am still in Hong Kong and will post pictures about the city and co-operation soon. Actaully I was thinking about to do a full all day every day post week. So next week there will be lots of new stuff which I am exctied about to share with you.

It will be about music projects and a great new promotion of someone who means a lot for me when it comes up to music. More information about this special promotion next week when we start to push through with the project.

Then there will be a post about the city where I stayed for the past few days and it is as I said Hong Kong.

I will talk about a new co-operation I made fixed when before I went here which is about black and white photography. Also coming next week cute little photoshooting session with sweets and a shoot about the most beautiful pictures with Christmas trees because it is the end of the year already and a lot of countries are in Christman fever already. Some others are still celerbating October Fest, so sunny to see on my travels that there are some many different culture and ways to celebrate special events in a year.

How do I feel? I am happy today, it is the last day here in Hong Kong and tomorrow I will go back to New York, I cannot wait for going back, because my home and my office, friends, and people who I love mean a lot for me. I hard a time this week because I was a little bit sick also and I had to deal with the new half year rating of my magazine. So every six monts there is a rating about the magazine if we still have the license to be online and to publish pictures and stories. I am always confident about a good result but I can feel how much pressured I am. But again we made a good rating so it is all save for the next six month. So ratings make sure that the magazine has a good balance between price, quality, production and productivity. So for example in my case I sell the magazine for 19.99$, I produced 2000 for the first edition, 2500 for the second and 5000 for the third edition. So now the rating makes sure if the value of the magazine is fair enough compared to the produced amount and compared the amount of pages and content within the mag. We have a standard of how much we want to include in an edition which is always about 53 pages (editorial, background information, imprint, disclaimer, my comment for each edition of the mag and of course the pictures). In case I want to produce more because of the need this rating gives me a kind of allowance and space for backup on how much I can produce or not. I am reach the goals than I can produce more, otherwise I would not have reach 12.000+ editions of all three publications of the mag. Which is good because of course I always want to make sure that there is always a way for the customers to buy it. In September we sold an incredible amount of the mag. We hit the numbers which are supposed to be for 3 month. So thanks for the support and thank you for giving me the power to go in what I am doing. And more the rating result was perfect, an A, top, it cannot be better. Who is giving us this rating? It is coming from public companies, co-operation partners, and of course the Government. You can compare it like rating for banks. It is almost the same but with a different scope of course. I would like to avoid to go into details now because I do not want to make you feel bored.

So yeah that are all the news I wanted to share with you. I am about to have something for dinner right now because it is almost night time here.

I wish you all a very happy Sunday, and do not forget.

Be safe, be classy, be an artist.

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