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Hello. Welcome to a new blogpost and yeah this time it's me: Catie.

Hehe it's a rhyme, did you notice that? Genious. I know, hehe.

Thanks a lot for first to my boss Miss Nici for giving me the chance and opportunity to take over her famous blog. You wonder why? Read the story behind that HERE.

I like that pink which is used for the link. So cute. I love pink and I love the life, take it as it comes and take it as it is, that's what I am always telling.

Well, okay let's start with a little introduction about myself. My name is Catie and I’m 27 years old. I am currently going for my masters ’s degree in science and most likely will be changing my major to psychology. I am very shy at heart and usually prefer reading and gaming to parties and clubs. I am a bit of a lush and spazz and sometimes can take me awhile to open up completely ^__^ Once I do though you’ll see how insanely frisky I can be. Also besides the fact that I love to be in front of the camera you'll see me in a lot of pictures and costumes, I am very open minded and I like to try new things.

 I met Nici 4 years ago while I had a shooting. She said: WOW you are the true Ariana Grande and she still does so.

Hehe I am not sure kitties, but what do you think this? This is me being a litte cute kitty.

 Photography is something great and that is why I am more delighted to take over the blog. Well for me it's being like an actor in front of the camera, it's like putting yourself into a rule, play, and have fun which is also applicable when you do photography, you can play and fool around behind the cam.

Since I always try not to grow up and always be a kid, this is the best way to describe myself.
 You'll see tomorrow when I am about to talk about some Halloween party costumes, and I will show you my perfect costume. Don't worry babes, this blog is still a blog about photography, even though since I am a girl who acts in front of the camera, I'll show that, cause I have nothing to hide and no reason to be ashmed. So see you tomorrow!
 Thanks for stopping by and hope we chat soon!
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