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Hello and welcome to a new blog post my cute little kitties.

Happy Sunday and today it's a very special day.

Because I want to announce some really great news.

Let me tell you a little story it was always my dream to get a chance to create a label which you can see all over the world. Black Is Black ©® BE AN ARTIST is mir than just a label for photographers and photography, it's not than just a blog, and it means also more than to publish a magazine every 3 months.

Black Is Black ©® is my life, my love and my passion. I invested so many time and years in planning, creating, promotion and more compared to anything else I've done so far in my life.

I wanted to create something which everybody can see and be a part of. I wanted to share the love with you.

So here what I made. There are also a lot of restaurants who include the word black in their names. But there is only one franchise label which has branches all over the world, in Europe, Asia, North and South America, and in Australia. Unfortunately because of advertisements policies we couldn't make it possible to get exclusive contracts for the branches in Africa.

So here is finally the big surprise.

So from now on available in all Black Canyon Restaurants you can find Black Is Black ©® on your dinning table. This is limited to ask restaurants taking part in the campaign so be surprised whenever you go to a Black Canyon Restaurant you might exclusive ads of my label. In addition you have the chance to get a latest edition of the Black Is Black magazine (normally it's costs 19.99$) but you can get the mag for free while having lunch, dinner or breakfast. Just ask the service about the mag and use the promo code bibmag. Offer is limited depending on the availability and for 2 weeks only so don't miss it.

Oh my god. It still feels like a dream came true but in fact it was a dream and now it is real.

It really took a lot of time, calls, meetings, and effort to make this come true. So just to give you an impression: during the past two months I visited almost all 60 branches, had 23 meetings where we were talking about the campaign, promo code and promo period.

So I hope you will eat a lot at the Black Canyon Restaurants all over the world, enjoy the Black Is Black ©® spirit, enjoy our campaign and don't forget to grab an edition of the latest Black Is Black the mag.

Be safe, be classy, be an artist.

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