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Hello and welcome to a new blog post on

 BLACK  IS BLACK my cute little kitties.

I am so happy to annouce that I am finallz back again, mz hard drives got fixed and I am so happz to be in the New York office again and to type some words.

It is like I gave birth again and it feels so good.
A big thank you at the hardware technique support who were able to fix the hardware. So happened?

Last week the cleaning service in our office was cleaning the devices and also the keyboard so they were putting liquids on it and they pressed the keyboard too hard and too much so that it got broken.

I got a call last week when I was still in France and my Managing Director said that all my devices in my office are damaged and broken.
I was like "Oh my God what happened?" and he had to tell me all the story and I was like shit because all the stuff what I am planning on right on are on my devices right now and I made so many efforts already to prepare the Christmas Edition of Black Is Black - The Mag. So I cannot allow myself to loose all the work.

Do you know what I mean? It means too much and redo the research and the edits woudl take too long and a lot of things might get lost because maybe I forget about something and this would be more worse. So I am so happy to tell each of that I am still alive, that I am still here in New York and that I am still able to put the most effort to make the Christmas Edition come true right on time.

All the missed posts which was not able to do during the past few days will come soon and I have lots of things to share with you. So just say tuned and be ready for the updates. I wish you all a wonderful day and thanks a lot to al the awesome, lovely, and heart touching comments on my latest instagram posts. That means so much for me and I cannot wait to share more with you soon.

Be safe, be classy, be an artist.
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