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 Hello and welcome to a new blog post my little kitties,

some people asked me in the past few weeks if I am still alive and the answer is yes. I had and still have to deal with some terrible happenings in my private life. I never thought that I would reach a point in my life where I am thinking about love and hate, life/live, and how to go on.

The further circumstances will be posted soon because I want and think that sharing the moments in my life is something which will help me. So stay tuned if you want to have some private inside views of the life from me, Nici.

I am okay so far and this is all what I wanted to say for now, please be respectful enough and lets go on with the photography dairy.

Post number 54 is right now here and it is about the midnight shooting in the streets of New York which I am still owing you. As mentioned on Instagram ( I took out my camera, went through the streets of New York, made pictures, flew the helicopter and made also some impressive air shoots. Enjoy it.

Be safe, be classy, be an artist. XOXO, Nici.

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