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THE 52TH - Lesbian Bridal Stories

Hello and welcome to a new blog post aka. review. It has been awhile that I was publishing reviews on my blog because the main topic is still photography and my side project Trance To Heaven.

However, I thought it is a start for week to have a look into my DVD collection and I found an awesome movie I want to talk about.

The following content is an adult review about the Girlfriends movie series Lesbian Bridal Stories Vol. 5.

The Movie:
The fifth and latest entry in Girlfriends Films’ Lesbian Bridal Stories combines another four scenes for a solid collection of girl on girl naughtiness with a weird sort of martial twist to it. If the title didn’t clue you in, each of the four scenes (and yes, that’s below the industry average but quality does beat quantity and this disc delivers quantity) involves some lovely ladies and some wedding gowns and, well, not much else, really – just a lot of passionate kissing, solid foreplay, and as the advertising touts ‘simply the most realistic sex in lesbian adult video.’ It’s rare that there’s truth in advertising, but here it is. So without further ado, let’s get down to it, shall we?

Scene One: Bree Daniels And Shyla Jennings - Once these two are done hanging out outside by the pool, they head inside for some champagne. They start messing around and trying on clothes and the bubbly hits them, at which point they fall into bed where blonde Bree becomes the aggressor and starts making out with Shyla. There’s not much resistance on her part, however, and soon this make out session turns into something hotter and heavier. The clothes come off, slowly and with a nice sexy tease, and then tits get sucked and pussy gets eaten in abundance. The girls are definitely taking their time here, however, savoring the moment and enjoying it for all its worth. Once the girls start going down on one another it does get more aggressive but naturally so, you never get the impression that these girls are doing it for the money, even if they probably are. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying your work, right? We should all be so lucky!

Scene Two: Jelena Jensen And Malena Morgan - These two brunettes are helping one another try on some clothes in a room when they realize they only have so much time left before they won’t be able to enjoy one another’s company and let their true feelings be known! A bit of talk leads to those clothes that they were trying on coming off and hitting the floor as our two raven haired hotties hit the sheets together. Again, there’s lots of slow kissing here but these two get to the pussy stimulation a fair bit faster than the girls in the first scene did. Not that that’s a complaint, mind you, merely an observation. The pantyhose stays on a bit longer, however, something that’s sure to please the fetishists reading this and in need of something to suit their tastes. In addition to the oral and fingers you’d expect in a scene like this there’s also some very passionate grinding on display – a nice touch! These two naturally gorgeous girls really give an A+ performance here, and as it was in the first scene, they’re very convincing in their lust.

Scene Three: Jessie Rogers And Lily Carter - This blonde and brunette pairing are a little older than the other ladies on this disc but with age comes experience. Once these two finish chatting it up in the kitchen we realize we’ve been duped? Jessie and Lily are quite young, those two ladies in the beginning where their mothers. At any rate, the scene wisely cuts to the action quickly and we’re all the better for it. Clothes come off and we get a great pussy eating session with no shortage of passion and wanton lust on display. Again, we get the impression these two enjoy their work a lot more than most girl/girl couplings in porno. Tables are turned and she who receives gets to give and before you know it both ladies have been fingered, sucked and fucked six ways to Sunday. It’s nice to note some self manipulation going on here too, because hey, if you’re going to work at getting your best friend off you might as well get yourself off with your spare hand. It’s only fair. These girls really give it their all, however, and this scene turns out to be the hottest on a disc full of hot ones.

Scene Four: Amber Chase And Syren De Mer - This scene gives us some MILF/kitten action after a brief intro in which some girls sit around and sip some vino. From there, it’s to the bedroom where our older lady lets her younger playmate take control. They lay in bed and slowly touch one another, kissing a lot but with some obvious intent behind it, before moving on the titty touching and then pussy eating and fingering, just as you’d expect and as you’d want. The girls get naked and touch themselves and one another, really writing in a tantalizing fashion together and just looking great here for the camera. We get the required close ups but in this and all the scenes on the disc, we also get a lot of facial reaction shots, which always tends to make a good sex scene even better.
All in all, this is another worthy addition to the growing catalogue of quality releases from Girlfriends Films and those put off by the fact that it’s only got four scenes can take solace in the fact that it clocks in at well over three hours in length. Fans of naturally sexy girl on girl action would do well to take notice if they haven’t already. This is great stuff.

Lesbian Bridal Stories Volume 5 is a shot on digital video production which looks pretty clean presented here in a very strong and stable 1.78.1 anamorphic widescreen transfer. There is some mild shimmer in a couple of spots but no noticeable mpeg compression evident anywhere. Skin tones look nice and natural, the compositions are dead on (the camera work is very good here), and overall the movie looks great showing very nice detail and color.

The Dolby Digital 2.0 Surround track is quite sufficient. The dialogue, of which there is generally only a little bit during the sex scenes during the foreplay – there’s too much kissing for there to be talk! -comes through cleanly and clearly as do all of the moans and groans. The background music is fine, levels are nicely balanced, everything sounds clean and clear and all in all the disc sounds very good.

Extras are slim, limited to a 0:39 Our Girlfriends slideshow naming the talent involved in each scene, a few promo spots, a few trailers for other Girlfriends Films releases, a web link, menus and scene selection. Pretty skimpy, really – and the consistent weak spot on the other wise generally strong releases from this company.

Final Thoughts:
Well, the extras stink but the presentation is good. As to the feature itself? It’s on the short in terms of the amount of scenes that most ‘all sex’ adult DVD fans will be used to but it makes up for that by ensuring that each of the four scenes in contains is a good one. Girlfriends Films have found their niche and they play safely within that niche, but if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it – and this release proves that it ain’t broke. Recommended.
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