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Hello and welcome to a new blog post and happy June.

It is the month of the summer and I am going to continue the shooting for the summer season. Topics will be surfing like the post from today, wearing leather leggings in the summer, a hotel shooting with the topic full focus on leather leggings, summer festivals, and more.

I also wanted to say thank you for all your support in May, you were rocking the blog, instagram, twitter, and gp. I had so many readers, comments, likes and shares of my post like never before in the past since I started this blog. So a big thank you to all of you, you know that it means a lot for me.

So let's start with full power into June with a great surfing shooting from the bay area near Kuba. I was there, me and my team took our surfboards and we made some nice photos, stunts, and had a lot of fun.

Just enjoy the pictures, because they are from us this time as a little gift for you because of the strong support which came from you in May.

Be safe, be classy, be an artist. XOXO, Black Is Black Team.

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