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Hello and welcome to a new blog post. 

Thank you again for all your support and comments on the latest pictures and happenings all around black is black. The community is growing and getting bigger every day, which is lovely to see.

I was a bit busy since the past days, and I wanted to apologize for being absent so long. I know there are a lot of readers and photography lovers out there who are watching my blog or the social media just to get news and new impressions.

To be honest I was focusing on my side project trance-to-heaven a bit too much, that I lost a bit to focus on my blog. It is hard for me to do both. So I think sooner or later I have to make a decision where to put my focus on. Do you know those situations where you better follow your heart and not what' in your mind? I wish there was not the situation but I will figure it out and let you know. Or maybe in the future I will be a more professional to do both. That's it what is in my mind right now.

However, the experiences about trance-to-heaven are great and I really enjoy the time to support the project, to share the mixes, and to spread the love for electronic dance music. We will do so also in the future and more sets are about to come like, so check that out here (link).

Let's talk about the new photo series right now and the topic is Paradise. But what does the word Paradise mean and where does it come from?
Paradise is that part of the spirit world in which the righteous spirits who have departed from this life await the resurrection of the body. It is a condition of happiness and peace.

Additional Information
In the scriptures, the word paradise is used in different ways. First, as mentioned above, it designates a place of peace and happiness in the postmortal spirit world, reserved for those who have been baptized and who have remained faithful (see Alma 40:12; Moroni 10:34). Those in spirit prison have the opportunity to learn the gospel of Jesus Christ, repent of their sins, and receive the ordinances of baptism and confirmation through the work we do in temples (see D&C 138:30-35). If they accept the gospel and their temple work has been done, they may enter paradise.
A second use of the word paradise is found in Luke's account of the Savior's Crucifixion. When Jesus was on the cross, a thief who also was being crucified said, “Lord, remember me when thou comest into thy kingdom” (Luke 23:42). According to Luke 23:43, the Lord replied, “Verily I say unto thee, To day shalt thou be with me in paradise.” The Prophet Joseph Smith explained that this is a mistranslation; the Lord actually said that the thief would be with Him in the world of spirits.
The word paradise is also found in 2 Corinthians 12:4, where it probably refers to the celestial kingdom. In the tenth article of faith, the word paradisiacal describes the earth's glory in the Millennium.

I am not a very religious person but I guess there are some true words in the description.
Paradise means to be in the highest state of spiritual moments and feelings and I guess that is all what we want. There are no real ways of going there. But there are examples and places which makes us feel like we are in Paradise and I was catching up some great pictures to transport the feeling of being in Paradise to you, to the world, and to be my beloved readers.

Again, because it means a lot for me, thank you so much for your support. Have a wonderful and lovely day and let me take you into my Paradise.

Be safe, be classy, be an artist. XOXO - the plane which brings you to Paradise. :) 

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