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Hello everyone and welcome to the new blog post on BLACK IS BLACK BE AN ARTIST.

First of all I wanted to say thank you very much for the kind comments, emails and likes upon my latest posts and blogs Fenster last couple of boys and the amount of feedback was so amazing and awesome and so much that I'm sorry to say I'm unable to answer all of you but I read everything.

But now let's talk about the new blog post.

When I want to Miami I got a chance to get the first taste summer because it was so hot, sunny at Saturday and rainy on Sunday. I guess this is what the summer is supposed to be. Especially in the USA. It will be my first summer ever in my life in the United States of America so I am excited to see what's going on and how to will be.

I took out my camera and went to the beach and I was the lucky ones to do an awesome shooting the one and only Mojito Bar Miami Beach. This bar is famous for its cocktails, designing and serving them.
Check out their website right here:

Have a look at the menu, events and gallery and if you are planning to go to Miami, don't miss to visit the best and exciting bar in Miami. It's also near to the beach. So it is perfect to go there before you want to go to the beach afterwards. Enjoy the time in a very special Latin atmosphere and enjoy the taste of the island. 

The location is placed at Bayside Marketplace at the Biscayne Boulevard Downtown Miami.

That was my first time to shoot at the beach and cocktails. But it was so much fun and of course we were drinking a lot. Thank you very much for this amazing cooperation dear Mojitobar. See you soon again.
See the results here and don't forget. Be safe, be classy, be an artist. XOXO, Nici.