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Thank you very much for the great Support over the past couple of weeks. I got so many messages nice comments and more that I'm not able to answer that at all but I really appreciate that and I really like to read every word which is coming from you.

I want to apologize at the same time because I know I've been very busy since the last past month.

But here is some good news. The next week on my schedule is a little bit lower filled so I will be able to post more stuff like photography and reviews and to be honest there's a couple of things what I want to talk about from next weekend because there are a lot of great pictures was taken with my new camera for example or are there a lot of great movies which I want to talk about.

It's not that easy to choose the right stuff. For example I got a lot of bad comments and a lot of bad things to know about the latest blog post made by Vanilla Pearl. So here are some explanations. Who did this because I wanted to let you know supporting friends is a not wrong things so I think I made the right choice. Reading those comments like what I had to read since the last week is not nice how do you know I really don't care about that because this is my blog and this is my project and you don't have to read that and you don't have to pay attention to that if you do not like it. But when I look at the feedback in general and when I look at the statistics I have to say that actually nothing changed since February when I step down blogging so much.

I always do what I want to do and I always feel free to do what I want to do so this is something that will never change. It's the same like I will never change the fact that I will never post photos from my or any Instagram account and a blog post. Because this is something which shows me that I'm true to myself and what also means lot for me. Be true to yourself and let yourself go.

These are the things what I wanted to say and what I wanted to let you know. I really cannot wait for next week when I will do blogging more frequently again. Until this time head over to my Instagram account which is still of course and join me my very special and interior week.

See you next week on under the great time after that and don't forget.

Be safe, be classy, be an artist. Xoxo, Nici.

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