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Black and white photography is one of the highest and hardest levels in photography. The difficulty there is, that you are actually able to use two colors only: black and white and mixture of them. Some pictures might get worse if you are using a filter only to edit a colored picture to a black and white one. So here some tips and tricks which you should follow to take black and white pictures.

First you have to choose the camera: there are a lot of cameras out there which offer a Monochrom channel for taking black and white pictures. My advice is do not focus on that cameras because the picture easilly get blurry and will look like a draft or a painting because that modus encoded the colors simply into black and white. The better cameras for black and white photography are those which offer a channel mixer. A channel mixer takes pictures like a normal one, encodes the colors after reproducing the picture, and does not result in blury or painted look pictures. A channel mixer has another advantage: you are more flexible when it comes up to re-edit pictures after taking them because you can on the intensity of the black and white level wihtin a picture. The best way to take a black and white picture is to use the channel mixer, take a photo in clolred mode, re-edit it within the channel mixer, save it as a RAW-file and finalize the edits using a PC or laptop. If you are using the channel mixer, please active the option monochrom. Again do not use the Monochrom option from the camera. You better use the option within the channel mixer. Now you can choose on the intensity of black and white in the red, or blue, or green channel within the picture. More over and I am sure you will like it and maybe you have some pictures like that also which are in black and white mode but the red parts within the picture are still red. Samsung’s cameras for example use the channeling as standard to create black and white pictures with highlighted orange parts.

Here are some examples on how to use the channel mixer:

This is a picture with 100% usage of the colors red, blue, and green. Now lets put the levels to 0% blue and green and to 100% red:
Quite dark sky, the building is highlighted too much. Lets chance it channels to 100% blue only:

The result is a dark building and a bright sky.
Last but not least lets use 100% green only:

Clear structure of the building, normal black and wite sky. But it looks like a painting now just like in monochrom pictures.
The good thing within the channel mixer is that you are more flexible. Let’s turn the picture now into a perfect black and white by using 80% channel red, 15% channel blue, and 5% channel green.

Just amazing and the best black and white version of that example.
Another method is to save any picture as a RAW-file.
The results are more clear and faster and there is no lost in the structure of a picture. Here is an example:


Here is the same picutre after using the channel mixer:

You can see the changes of the background and the details of the disco ball in the front.
The RAW-file version is the best for me but since I like to edit pictures and to play around the channel mixer is also a nice version to have more fun when it comes up to black and white photography. So have fun trying and doing black and white photos by yourself right now. Hopefully these tipps help you. 
Be safe, be classy, be an artist. Nici.
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