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So here we go for the last blog post before I am leaving France and going back to New York. Some of you might know that already that I am about to do a break in blogging because I have to prepare the second edition of black is black - the mag. And this is where I need to and have to put my focus on right now.

But this does not mean that right here on black is black - the blog does not come any update anymore. Cindy (COOTD) will go on and post once or twice a week a week, I will have a guest post also from Vanilla Pearl, there will be several cooperations which I want to show you and there will be a massive suprise maybe in March or at least in April.

I am working hard on keeping my passion for blogging and photography alive and so you know that what will come.
I have to say thank you for a wonderful time so far, thank you for the wonderful three months, thank you for the massive feedback through the communities, and thank you for all the comments and reactions through the social media. You are awesome.

Stay tuned for more updates and as I said earlier this week. Find me on instagram, twitter, pinterest.

Be safe, be classy, be an artist. XOXO Nici.