As I promised yesterday on my instagram channel ( I will post a black and whit series only about one of the most beautiful cities in the USA: San Francisco and I cannot wait to go there back again in Summer this year. I also told you that next week will be last week before the blog is oing to have a spring break about three month. You can still follow me on instagram where I will post updates during that spring break. I have to do that because the second edition of my own festival and the second edition of my magazine - black is black - the mag will be coming in June, so I need to focus on that. And then of course I have to organize a lot and have to fix all the things for my black is black summer festival. I am not sad about the break but I more excited about the week which will come. Maybe there will be one or two posts during that break a week or every other week, not sure yet. Don't be sad also, just follow me around instagram and let's have a nice and wonderful last week together, ok?
Here we go to San Francisco!

Be safe, be classy, be an artist. XOXO, Nici.