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I actually did not want to talk so and I just wanted to show you the pictures of my holiday trip to the beautiful Normandie in France with my girlfriend, but since I had a meeting today, which was really important for me and the blog, I will tell you the results.

It is fix that we will have a joined venture and collaboration with Vanilla Pearl, the leather queen and leather and lacquer fashion designer from Germany. She will join the blog very soon and she will tell us about her passion and love about leather and lacquer. I cannot wait for that, and at the same time it means for the first time, since I started to write on my blog, I will have a take over post. Isn't that exciting? I mean I was freaking out when we found an agreement. I am so happy.

Now back to France: it was so beautiful and as I said on my instagram already ( I had the best time in my life so far with the love of my life. She is beautiful and awesome, I love her so much.

We went to several house near the beach are and here are the most beautiful pictures we took.

Be safe, be classy, be an artist. XOXO, Nici.