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A lot of people were requesting this and on instagram I got some many question about my leather leggings which I am wearing every day.

But first I want to tell some: I am a leather leggings fashion victim, truly. I started to fall in love with leather pants and leather tights when I was in school. A mate came in a full leather outfit with a wonderfull Miss Sixty Leather Pants Harriett and a leather jacket. Since that day I fell in love with leather pants. I started to collect in the 2000-2010 years Miss Sixty leather pants, I made it up until 20 leather pants, I had all of them.

After that I went to my favorite store when I was younger: New Yorker. They had awesome leather leggings from Amisu, full leather leggings. I really do not like those with jersey in the back and leather patches. I love full leather leggings and I started to do a new collection of leather leggings. All colors: black, brown, red, blue, green, purple, white, and yellow.

Unfortunately I could not take them with me when I moved to a new city. So sad.
But then I found an online shop with the most sexy, most perfect, most awesome leather leggings in this world. The leather leggings from Sassyclassy (click on Sassyclassy). The price is more than fair, the quality is so soft and, sorry f****ng, unbelievable, so shiny when you wear them in a LED light area. I was truly crying when I got them as a gift from a friend of mine. 

I love them so much, that I wearing them all over the year. That is the reason I got more of them (do not worry that I am wearing all the same) I am wearing size 36/38. If you want to order them, please go for the smaller size. The leather leggings is extremely stretchy. The leather leggings fits perfect with a simple white shirt or tank top. It is the best eye catcher anyway, so no need for other eye catcher, too much for an outfit in general.

I made a lot of pictures, more than 100, just to give you a small insight view of how many pictures can be done while two or three shootings and the best will be selected to be published. And I want to show you for one time only a leather leggings pictures collection only.

But first some words about Sassyclassy: it is a fashion label from Munich, Germany, founded in 2014 by Roxana, Denys, and Boaz Lichtenstein. Technically the label identifies itself as an open family office. The items are made with love, with passion, and with the little extra which makes every style to a special. There are not so many items in the online, but if, they are great. From jackets, pants, of course leather leggings, sunglasses, accessories, and up style items, everything is available. What I like is the sympathic and passionated love to fashion. However, the prices are fair. They are doing a truly great job. 

Finally, this leather leggings is a must in your fashion collection. That is why this perfect item and my truly love when it comes up to fashion and leather leggings, I choose the cover for my blog with that leather leggings. And so have a great weekend while shopping.

Be safe, be classy, be an artist. XOXO, Nici.