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Hi and welcome to my new blog post. Today I will give you some winter wonderland feelings because when I was travelling to the L'Alpez du Huez I had the chance to take my camera and to make some really really awesome pcitures. Today here they are.

But before we start to have a look at the French winter wonderland I wanted to say some words: first a lot people were asking me about the new house and rooms where I just moved in and all I can say I will post pictures very soon, but for now the answer is: awesome, amazing and so big. The luxury just came into my life and I really mean it. Sorry but I am still excited.

Second, thanks for taking some seconds and answer my question in my latest pool: what do you like to see on my blog black is black. There were so many answers, especially on google+ and the result is quite interesting because I was asking you: what do you like to see on black is black: adult content, photography, or randon fashion, style,... I had 1093 votes on all social media like twitter, snapchat, instagram, google+,... and you voted for 50.1% photography, 49.7% adult content, and only 0.02% for random which makes me say and the winner is photography. So I will put my main focus on it but also on adult content because do not forget: it is also my job to do that, my real profession. However, thanks again for voting and now enough talking, let's picture it up.

Be safe, be classy, be an artist. XOXO, Nici.