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Hi my dear puppies, I am back again after I had to stay in the hospital and before there are question here is the answer: nothing serious. So do not worry and let us focus on the upcoming AVN Awards this weekend and of course I will be there also. So meet there.

But before this amazing and most erotic weekend will come I wanted to talk a about the new 2016 sensation of because they are producing amazing movies and they did again. What you need therefore is the directors of A Wife's Affair and The Turning - A Lesbian Horror Story, the camera team of A Wife's Affair and some of the hottest and most beautiful actors in this world like Dani Daniels and Shyla Jennings (Girl Of The Year). Put them all together in a movie and the result might something exordinary and special and so we are talking about

                                                                                              Pilot movie                                                     The Series

Before I will show you the trailer I wanted to say that I will not talk a lot about the story because I do  not want to spoil so much like I do in my reviews. But first let us talk about the basic information.

SHARING THE BED - A LESBIAN LOVE STORY is for everyone who is 21 years old and above, runtime is about 3.5 hours, splitted into six parts, and will be released on Blue Ray and DVD on February 14, 2016 (not without a reason Valentin's Day) and is about Shyla visiting her best friend. And this best friend has a roommate who is a lesbian. Shyla has no experience when it comes to be together with a lesbian and neither to live together with one. The roommate's name is Sasha (played as herself Sasha Heart) and Shyla and Sasha do meet pretty quick and have a wonderful sex scene together. What I like about the scene is the performance of Shyla. A couple of years I was not a fan of Shyla Jennings, but this changed when I saw her performing on She got much more better and most of all mature than before and in front of the camera she is more professional, wild, and shows more passion which I really like, and playing together with one of the best star in porn Sasha Heart cannot fail, and it does not. After that scene Shyla is a bit confused about her feelings and she decides with the help of Dani Daniesl, the therapist here in the series, to meet Sasha again. But then Shyla and Dani have Sex also because Dani wants to know if it will be good with Shyla and Sasha, and moreover Dani offers Shyla to come to her and to practise whenever she wants, and Shyla does later in the movie. This is a nice twist in my eyes and a really nice story and a lot of girls feels like that when it comes up to making out with a girl and to have Sex with a girl. I like the story a lot, and it is realistic. And the twist does effect all of the actors and characters in the movie, especially in scene number three, five, and six. I do not want to tell you about the ending of the movie yet, all what I can say is: will Shyla and Sasha come together at the end? Yes or no. Watch the trailers therefore about part six (scroll down).

The movie reminds me when I had to make a decision between two girls and will it be the right decision. It has so many great aspects that I have to do that in details:
  • The camera team and camera man is so great and he proved already in A Wife's Affair how good he is that I am really impressed to see the team again and the work behind that. By the way: there will be a behind the scene also and please do not miss that out to get more information about the movie, more than I can tell you.
  • The directors are amazing and the script, the scenes, and the sets in the movie stole my breath when I was watching the movie.
  • The actors Shyla, Dani, Sasha, and my personnell secret guest number one Tara Morgan (I was so happy and flashed when she appeared, thank you girlsway, because I am a big big Tara Morgan Fan. Such beautiful eyes, cute smile and face, and an amazing actor) are unbelievable hot, sexy, and natural in that movie, that I totally fall in love with that movie, who will get, and I am telling you that right now already like my last review 10 out of 10 points as the genre movie for making out / orientation movie AND all in all 10 out of 10 points.

The movie is a must for all lesbian love movies with a touch of lesbian porn. To be honest when I saw that movie I got remembered why I love my job and why I am so addicted to my job, because I when I see movies like SHARING THE BED - A LESBIAN LOVE STORY I can feel all the love for the industry, all the passion, hard work, pleasure, fun, and erotic. I am still amazed. Bravo. Top movie. Just how it has to be. And so I am coming to the of my little preview of sharing and little critic of SHARGIN THE BED - A LESBIAN LOVE STORY, which is definately not a critic, because there is nothing to critizice. Get the DVD / BLUE RAY end of February, and do not forget to watcht the trailer now and...

Be Safe, Be Classy, Be An Artist - XoXO, Nici. 

TRAILER PART 1 - 6 (ALL Credits to Girlsway)