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I’m back and had a successful meeting! Can’t wait to work on all the projects which are coming up this year. So excited! I’m working quite hard on my blog and Instagram right now and it feels like my mind is exploding of ideas and creativity. I have so many things in my mind I want to put into action!
However I got this amazing Yoga Tablet 10 HD+ from Lenovo quite a while ago. Never thought that I would actually like other brands except Apple. But the quality of it is breathtaking, the image is clear, the battery lasts very long and it has multiple usage modes: Hold, Tilt and Stand which is much more practical than the well-known iPad.

It’s much easier now to check blog things while I’m on the go or while I’m having breakfast or lunch. In Hold mode I can easily read my favourite blogs, emails and comments from you and browse through the WWW. In Tilt mode I have the perfect viewing angle, if I wanna play a few games or write some mails.

And if I’m using the Stand mode I can comfortably watch my favourite TV-Shows & movies, Skype or Youtube. So practical and best tablet I ever had so far!

This is btw today’s outfit! Since it’s getting warmer I became quite obsessed with crop tops, light shirts and an Olsen Twins inspired grunge style. Still looking for the perfect denim jacket though! I think it’s a key-piece for spring. I saw one while I was at Zara the last time but hadn’t enough time to try it on so I definitely check it out tomorrow.

However this Sunday was very relaxed. Luckily! I needed a bit free-time after working so hard the last week. Working till 1 a.m. for a couple of days really sucks and I was tired and exhausted as hell! Now the new week starts, a bunch of work is ahead of me but I’m motivated and it really makes fun so it isn’t that bad at all!
Wish you a wonderful week!

Be safe, be classy, be an artist. XoXo, Nici.