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It is Friday and every friday I will post a review of the best adult industry all girl movies which you should not miss out.

The first highlight of the year 2016 will be for the next episode of the AVN Awards in Las Vegas. This is the first awards of the year which will be given to actors and artists.

The 33rd AVN Awards ceremony, presented by Adult Video News (AVN), will honor the best pornographic movies and adult entertainment products of 2015 and will take place on January 23, 2016 at The Joint in Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, Paradise, Nevada. During the ceremony, Adult Video News will present AVN Awards (often referred to as the Oscars of porn) in 115 categories. Comedienne and actress Kate Quigley will co-host the show for the first time, joined by adult movie actresses Joanna Angel and Anikka Albrite.

According to the most hottest and most sexiest show on earth I wanted to give you a review of the best all gilr movie in 2015 in my eyes and to be honest: isn't that exciting to know that you will watch something really special right now and you know that you will have goosebumps and be in love with each second of the following trailer? So here we go with the review of:


A Wife's Affair

Product Information

  • Length: 2 hrs. 45 mins.
  • Rating: XXX
  • Released: Nov 06 2015
  • Added: Oct 13 2015
  • Production Year: 2015
  • Empire SKU: 1758139
  • Studio: Girlsway
  • Number of Discs: 2
  • UPC Code: 824459547233


  • Abigail Mac
  • Vanessa Veracruz
  • Charlotte Stokely
  • Bree Mills Producer
  • Stills By Alan Director


  • Affairs & Love Triangles
  • All Girl / Lesbian
  • Feature


OMG what an amazing trailer and what kind of hot girls are in that movie. But first I want to start with the story. Ever wondered how a villain becomes a villain? From the minds of Bree Mills and Stills By Alan, Girlsway presents its first original origin story: A Wife's Affair. Leading up to the events of the blockbuster The Business Of Women, this five part prequel tells the story behind some of Girlsway's most popular characters. Featuring cheating wives, beautiful cinematography, intense girl-on-girl action, and a narrative that promises to be one of the most emotionally gripping lesbian sex films you've ever seen!
When a lonely housewife (Vanessa Veracruz) begins an affair with her beautiful, rich neighbor (Abigail Mac), she has no idea the extent to which the infidelity will change her life. As the two women fall further in love with each other and their new lifestyle, a mysterious lesbian sex club (run by Charlotte Stokely) welcomes them in and ultimately plots to take control of their relationship.
A highly erotic film starring three of the most acclaimed performers in lesbian porn today. A Wife's Affair is a must have for any collector.

Girlsway presents a 2-disk set that tells the story of girls that are unhapy in their marriages There are 3 girls in this title but what a three girls they have! Abigail Mac, Vanessa Veracruz and Charlotte Stokely get all the sceen time and they are incredibly sexy. Vanessa is in all five sex scenes and Abigail is in four. That's some kind of good!

“A Wife’s Affair” is more than it seems at first glance (at least, depending on what you glanced at first). It bills itself as a prequel to “The Business of Women”, a Girlsway special series that came out a few months ago, in which two rival businesswomen snipe at each other and try to steal each other’s friends, employees, and in one case, relatives. If I remember correctly, they were both dominant madams running stables of high-end escorts in Las Vegas, but it was a while ago and I might be mixing it up with the Women of Business or Businesswomen or some other similarly named effort. Anyway, it was about the efforts of women in the business world, not just the tendency of women to be busy, and it was billed as a Lesbian Porn Noir, presumably because it was not a lighthearted romp. It was about vengeance, jealousy, and the ability of women to be what used to be called bitchy but is now characterized as doing what men do all the time when they’re being cutthroat entrepreneurs. 

Anyway, “A Wife’s Affair” is another all-girl effort that apparently tells the story of some of the women in its predecessor (or in its sequel, depending on how you want to look at it). It has a relatively small cast, only three women (Vanessa Veracruz, Abigail Mac, and the resurgent Charlotte Stokely). One assumes that another prequel will surface sometime soon, telling the tales of the other players in the later story – India Summer’s origin is probably too good a prospect to leave just lying around on the studio floor. At the beginning of “A Wife’s Affair”, Vanessa Veracruz, future ruthless dominant woman, is still married but not happy at all, and her lover Abigail Mac is really the one calling the shots – seducing Vanessa away from her sleeping and uncaring husband, who is too neglectful even to wake up and rattle her in the morning – to a lesbian tryst so compelling that they can’t even make it to the bedroom before they’re all up in each others’ women business. Abigail is very much in control of the situation, and Vanessa is uncertain and a little needy, but we know that will change. 

Abigail isn’t the only woman whose siren call is taking Vanessa away from her husband – Charlotte Stokely is in the mix too, which will not be surprising to fans of the sequel. Far from her roots as a whiny alienated teen oozing anomie, Stokely is playing a sophisticated grownup these days; for a minute, it looks like India might be making an appearance, as Charlotte invites Vanessa to lunch with the two of them, but they’re just invoking her name – when Vanessa shows up, it turns out that India can’t make it, and it’s just Charlotte. It’s not just an innocent lunch, either – she offers Vanessa a position as hostess at the sex club that we are apparently supposed to assume India owns, and also to take advantage of Vanessa’s insatiable appetites (it seems like there might be a pre-prequel in the works, as this is the first I’ve heard of the sex club; there’s definitely even more story here). In any case, in spite of Vanessa’s feeble protests of loyalty to Abigail – there’s clearly some rivalry going on between the other two girls as well – Charlotte is quite insistent that she get a piece of Vanessa in the absent India’s bedroom, and she gets much more than a piece.

When Charlotte jets off to Paris, having left Vanessa with the run of the house, Vanessa calls Abigail immediately to invite her over for a good solid lesbian fucking in the sprawling mansion. Abby isn’t happy with the situation, suspecting correctly that there is something more going on than just a business friendship, but she can’t resist the lure of a rich lady’s house. Vanessa allays her suspicions with a lie about not having done anything inappropriate with Charlotte, and we start to see the beginnings of the ruthless harridan she will become. After all, Vanessa’s already lying to her own husband, right? Right. So one more won’t hurt, and the two women disport themselves in the splendor of India’s palatial estate – strawberries in the kitchen, pussy-eating on the dining table, and more or less everything everywhere. But the cracks are starting to show, and as Abigail tries harder and harder to assert her dominance and control, Vanessa gets closer and closer to independence. The idyllic vacation continues for the whole weekend, but the tension is getting thicker as Abigail senses she’s losing Vanessa. A crisis arrives when Abigail’s husband calls to let her know that all the money’s gone and they’re broke, at which point she breaks down in tears; although we could have felt some sympathy for her until now, her shallowness and brutal repudiation of her now-penniless husband reminds us that she’s a faithless whore and deserves everything she gets.

With Abigail breaking down, Vanessa is on the edge of despair, but Charlotte’s announcement that the new Paris club is up and running comes as a welcome surprise, and Vanessa’s appointment as its manager, a position requiring an assistant, even provides an out for the now destitute and unemployed Abigail. Abby’s not happy about working under Charlotte, but she knows which side her bread is buttered on and when her first duties as Vanessa’s assistant involve following Charlotte’s orders to make out with and then make love to Vanessa, she realizes that it could be much, much worse; the job opportunities for a shallow, bitchy, unemployed gold-digger are after all limited, especially for a girl who prefers pussy to cock. The ensuing threesome, with Charlotte directing the lovers and then joining in, is about as good a job interview as any person has ever had, and at the end, when Vanessa has realized her new power, the stage is neatly set for Vanessa’s apprenticeship and eventual rise to dominance in the Business of Women.


As you can see I am talking about that movie a lot and when I saw that in December 2014 already as a preview in Los Angelos I was so amazed and so fucked in my mind that I wanted to watch the movie over and over. Fortunately girlsway decided to produce a full movie and they made all things right. There is for to say some things about the actors: Abigail Mac and Vanessa Veracruz are dynamite in front of the cam. You can see the pleasure and fun in the trailer already and when you are watching the movie you will be more amazed. They are fucking while standing, which I really love also, in the gym, in bed, on the table in the living room, at the fridge, and at the pool. Each area of the house is used, which makes a good porn movie more interesting and more various when it comes up to scenes.

Lets talk about the scenes now:  

Abigail Mac & Vanessa Veracruz

Abigail looks tremendous in a lacy black bra and matching thong. Her husband leaves for a big meeting so she calls up Vanessa to come over because she's horny. She arrives in a slinky black dress and they passionately kiss in the doorway. They don't even make it up the stairs to the bedroom when Abigail lifts up Vanessa's dress to eat her out. Abi buries herself in her ass and jiggles it on her face. They collapse on the floor and do a very sexy tongue dance. Abigail spreads her legs and Vanessa dives into her moistness. She licks up and down her slit. Very hot performance by two outstanding beauties. They take a break and drink some tea then go at it again. Abigail does some titty sucking and pulls off her panties. Vanessa lifts her legs high in the air giving Abi easier access. She then stands up, presents her butt to her and Vanessa eats her out from below. Abigail sits on her face and Vanessa's tongue flicks rapidly off her clit. Very nice scene!

Vanessa Veracruz & Charlotte Stokely

Vanessa renews acquaintances with Charlotte. They go to the bedroom and Charlotte has a field day with Vanessa's big tits. The girls get naked and I never tire of seeing Vanessa strip. Charlotte tongues her slit and sticks a couple of fingers inside her. She furiously eats her out and the camerawork is great. They get into a 69 and Charlotte's tongue never leaves Vanessa's sweet twat. Charlotte grinds against her thigh while Vanessa rubs one out at the same time.

Abigail Mac & Vanessa Veracruz

Vanessa runs to the door in sexy skimpy blue lingerie. She kisses Abigail passionatley then Abi throws her on a table and jumps on top. They lock lips and these two are great together. Abi sits on top of a couch and spreads her legs for Vanessa to go down on her. They move to the kitchen to play some more And Abigail kneels in front of her to service her pussy. She works out some stringers and rubs them on her face. The next morning, Abigail expresses jealousy of Vanessa's friendship with Charlotte so they have an angry fuck session. Abi eats her out and makes Vanessa tell her how good she is. She rubs her face in her cooch and gives her a thorough licking. Abi then gets on all fours and Vanessa buries her face in there.

Vanessa Veracruz & Abigail Mac

Part four begins with the two beauties at a resort bursting out of their bikinis. They get undressed and worship each other's bodies. They fuck in the bedroom, part of it in front of a full length mirror. The girls know each other intimately by the end of this scene. They leave no inch of their bodies unexplored.

Abigail Mac, Vanessa Veracruz and Charlotte Stokely

Abigail's husband leaves her and takes everything. Charlotte comes to the rescue and names Charlotte as a restaurant manager in France and she can take Abi with her as her assistant. Abi and Vanessa start making out right in front of Charlotte. Charlotte feels the need to exert her power and lets Abi know that she's far down the totem pole. The girls engage in a three-way makeout session and explore each other's bodies. Vanessa lies on the table and Abi and Charlotte explore every inch. Charlotte then gets in the middle and the other two girls show her how much they appreciate him. The girls get in a multitude of positions and this is a very hot girl/girl scene.


A Wife's Affair is a must in your collection if you are really interest in good all girl erotic. The story is amazing and I had not any second of getting bored or tired to watch that movie. The Cast is just incredible and Aibgail Mac is rocking all the second which she gets on screen, but we should talk about Abigail Mac in the future separately. The scenery is wonderful and so good. The Sex is awesome and in that movie everything feels to be perfect and all the scenes are truly full of love. So that is why A Wife's Affair gets 10 out of 10 possible points as a Categorie Affairs & Love Triangles Movie and 10 out of 10 points for the full movie. You see I am amazed and still in love with that movie. So watch it, it is a must.