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The first magazine is out. The first interview also and I do not want to hide it anymore. I was waiting for that moment so long that I can publish this interview and here we go.

TIMES: We are here with Nici Mylene, owner and founder of BLACK IS BLACK PHOTOGRAPHY - BE AN ARTIST. How are you doing and tell us something about BLACK IS BLACK (BIB).

NICI: I am great, how are you? Well, BIB is a shooting and photography studio supporting models, artists, and industry members who are addicted to their work in photography and performing and combine that work with the color black.

TIMES: So what are you doing in details?

NICI: We are shooting, we are supporting, we are promoting, and we are cooperating and collaborating with models, adult artists, blogger, and all members of the photo industry which can be promoted when it comes up to the color black. For example lingerie shooting, fashionistas, blogger, and models, especially black models.

TIMES: So are you writing about those people and their work and their profession?

NICI: Yes, exactly, but most of all we are a photo studio, so we are working together with our own models, and promote others.

TIMES: That is the reason the separation of the bloggings on instagram and BIB?

NICI: Yeah, exactly. The idea came from a good friend Linda and me. We are working together since 2005 and she came up the idea about promoting and shooting black girls,black lingerie, and blogger who are focusing on black only when we went to China and Asia Pacific in 2013. We were amazed by so many beautiful girls, who we met and wanted to become models, when we were talking to them, and the so the idea was created to open our own studio, to do so, to help, and to promote them.

TIMES: You were talking about adult industry? What exactly is the idea of that?

NICI: I love to see girls in underwear, you know just like those, who are advertising and wear underwear like from Dice Underwear or triumph. And you know I am always admiring the girls from the adult industry who have enough courage to do and to stay in that business. I was interested in getting an inside view of that since I can remember, and it was a dream for me always to be a part of it, and most of all I am always fighting to make my dreams come true.

TIMES: Who will be promoted and shooted soon, can you tell us some names?

NICI: Yes of course, we are in correspondation with Ana Foxxx, Lotus Lain, Cindy van der Heyden, who is a great blogger and so addicted to the color black, and some more. Be suprised, great names, but still a secret.

TIMES: Okay that sounds really great. If you want to know more about Nici and her team, in general about BIB head over to Thanks for joining us. Good luck and see you soon again.

NICI: I hope so, thank you.