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Hello and welcome my cuties to my website!

Finally it is all done and I am so happy that also my website is online right now. How are you and how was your weekend?
My weekend was so amazing. I had my launch party of my label Black Is Black - Be An Artist in Vienna. The party was awesome and I still impressed by everything what happened. The reactions of the audience and press was incredible and I hope we can take this vibe back to the Office in New York and the Island.

What will you find here? Of course photos, photos, photos. My love, my life is the photography. Here you can find all about Artists and shootings, reviews, and promotions. All the things about I gonna make a review are for promotion only.

You will get a behind the scenes about the studios of Black Is Black, and how to make a proffesional photography every day. In the next up coming weeks you will get a more detailed idea and I hope the concept and the style of Black Is Black as much as the people from Vienna this weekend. And most of all you can find us and share us on instagram, twitter, and whatsapp.

Be safe, be classy, be an artist. XoXo, Nici.

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