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#CATIEGUIDESYOU - How To Create Better Black and White Photos

There are a couple of methods to creating Black and White photos in digital photography. Two methods in particular are looked down upon: in-camera settings and using the convert to black and white function in Photoshop. While you may think that the images look really nice this way, often times they are actually very ugly. A more often used way is to desaturate the image in an editing program. While this is better, it still isn’t the best way to get the very most out of your images. While the above image still has some flaws to it, it still looks much better than what those tacky filters will give you. Here’s how to do it.

#SmartphonePhotography - Apps That You’re Probably Not Using but Should (Premium)

Anyone that has done smartphone photography before in the past knows that the secret to outputting better photos isn’t in the shooting process necessarily but in the post-production process. With that said, you’ll need the best apps that you can get your hands on to do something better. Unlike actual, dedicated cameras, everything with a smartphone is done via software of some sort. Everyone obviously knows about and uses Instagram, but if you’re not exploring other options then you should strongly consider these.

#SUNDAYTALKING - Tips for Shooting Headshots and Social Networking Portraits

Hello and welcome to a new Sunday's post on your favorite photography blog Black Is Black

If you’re a professional, your social media photo should really tell viewers about you and represent who you are. At least, that’s what your clients are aiming for when they come to you for shoots. Here are some tips on how to shoot these types of images both in studio and on location.